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13 BEST Hot Springs in La Fortuna: Your Ultimate Guide to Unwinding in Paradise

During an adventurous day at Arenal La Fortuna there's no more relaxing option than bathing in a soothing warm spring! Fortunately, you can get many hot springs just outside La Fortuna's city center. Some luxurious hot springs resorts feature large prices and some affordable ones that will not leave your pocket empty. It was an easy choice to tell you the 13 hot springs in La Fortuna that you may have to visit. Below I will show you all the best hot springs in La Fortuna for you to enjoy!

best hot springs in la fortuna

Baldi Hot Springs

Baldi hot spring is a highly popular Hot Springs located at Fortuna and the hottest! The resort offers 25 thermal pools with temperatures in the range from 93 degrees to 158 degrees (speaks dreamy!). A big jacuzzi can accommodate around 60 guests. Baldis Thermal Pools offer a vast area where people can unwind with their friends and families. It offers you a relaxing spa, a huge swimming pool and a huge water slide which can host social gatherings.

baldi hot springs

Tabacon Hot Springs

Tabacon Hot Springs has become an important hot spring in Las Fortuna. It has a famous natural hot spring and pool which run through an elegant garden and gives guests the feeling of having entered the middle of the jungle. There are 5 different sources at the site that offer filtered, mineral-rich, warm water. The hot spring facility provides water for many pool temperatures in the range of 72 F and 105 F (222 to 240 degrees Celsius). This luxurious area is also equipped with a swimming pool, swivelling pool and a mud bath. Take sips and enjoy cool beverages while relaxing in flowing water.

tabocan hot springs

Ecotermales Arenal Hot Springs

La Fortuna San Carlos is home to a warm spring that is so pure you can expect instant health benefits. It helps relieve stress by swimming in mineralized water. This pitch in Ecotermales offers a peaceful and relaxing environment near the Arenal volcano. A volcanic eruption creates natural thermal energy in all the pools in Ecotermales, which allows for a comfortable and useful stay for every visitor. This property was once a hot spring located near Arenal. They sell their places with an interest in health and well being rather than luxury.


Paradise Hot Springs Resort

The Paradise Hot Springs Resort is an oasis of natural beauty close to Arenal Volcano National Park. A hotel offering overnight accommodation and daytime passes allows for more tourists to experience this beautiful peaceful area. It is possible to relax in a pool of pure hot thermal springs here, ranging in temperature between 35 o / 95 oF and 41 o / 104 oC / 104. When the sun goes down have your skin massaged in the spa. The thermal resort Paradise has an exclusive hot water spa with swimming pool and spa and offers free breakfasts for the entire family.

paradise hot springs

The Springs Resort Hot Springs

Hot Springs are the best place to stay in Tabacon. It features 28 hot springs, pools and 4 acres of beautiful, landscaped outdoor recreation, swim bars and a spectacular volcanic viewpoint in La Fortuna! Located in a beautiful rainforest, the hot springs at this property offer varied climatic conditions. The pool will cool you down to 80°F, while hottest up to 100°F. They can be found in many different areas including waterfalls and quiet woodland. Does the choice make sense?

the springs hot springs

More of the Best hot springs in la fortuna

Arenal Manoa Resort Hotel & Hot Springs

The Arenal Manoa Hotel Fortuna 4 stars is among the most beautiful hotels in Arenal with beautiful views on Arenal Volcano Costa Rica which lies nearby. Many come here to enjoy exciting outdoor adventures and is a great location for those who like to enjoy nature. There are two hot pools with Jacuzzis and guests can enjoy a snack and beverage in the fully-equipped swimming pool. Guests may enjoy relaxation from soaking in hot water from a natural hot spring as well as massages, facial treatments & wraps. Enjoy a delicious lunch at La Saca restaurant as the day passes.

Titoku Hot Springs

The Titok Hot Springs are one of the best hot spring experiences I've ever experienced in Arenal. The pool has seven jacuzzis that cascade down and are low in temperature when viewed from the floor. It is set within beautiful gardens and is lighted at night with multicolored ambient lights. There is an extensive bar to serve drinks while you relax at the pool. The full hotel room offers additional facilities such as a shower and storage area.

Los Lagos Hot Springs

Los Lagos Hot Springs offers a range of affordable hot and cold water pools, and thermal pools. It offers hotels, spas and hotels and is one of Arenal's top baths and spas. The views from the Arenal volcano are spectacular for the cost of this amazing property. Children and family enjoy Los Lagos' warm and dry water pools with water slide waterfalls and a water volcano. Guests may even visit the grounds and visit the Butterfly exhibits, along with the Crocodile Pool, canopy zipline and Ant Farm.

The Royal Corin Thermal Water Spa and Resort

Luxuries meet wellness at the Royal Corona's beautiful oasis. Royal Corin has a reputation for providing the most reliable hot tub and spa facilities in Costa Rica's Fortuna. A day ticket with dinner for 99 dollars. With this pass you can also access their thermal pools as well as their heated and cold pools and jacuzzis. Enjoy a relaxing beverage in the wet bar while watching the beauty of Arenal Volcano peeking from the rainforest.The resort is integrated with an ecologically based eco-tourism area.

Los Laureles Hot Springs

Ricky and I often host Costa Rican family or friends in La Fortuna. Locals love the price, relaxed vibe, and the ranchos at their sites, which offer clean places to eat and relax. Los Laelas Hot Springs are not really an expensive or romance attraction but a place where you and your travel companions can have fun, is a cheap and comfy place to relax. Water slides and on-site sporting facilities keep kids happy and active adults happy.

Termalitas del Arenal Hot Springs

If you are looking for La Fortunas various hot springs attractions especially economical attractions, you should definitely find a Thermal Terminalitas del Arenal hot spring. The best Arenal hot springs and spring option is one of the cheaper hot spring passes available, but it offers an inferior quality version of the Los Laureles hot spring. What the Termalitas de Arenal Hot Springs have in common with the Los Laureles Hot Springs are densely planted palm groves.

Loma Real Hotel and Hot Springs

Loma Real Hotel Hot Springs is among La Fortunas only hotels offering hot springs to guests. The heat spring is quite basic and there are some tropical plants around. Aside from relaxing in the heated stand alone hot spring, you may walk through the grounds and enjoy breathtaking views of Arenal Volcano in the distance. Breakfast can be ordered on site at Loma Real Hotel & Hot Springs. If you stay here you will get a room with a private bathroom, television with satellite channels and a terrace with views of the garden.

Kalambu Hot Springs

Kalambu Hot Springs is one of the few in Fortuna that blends a swimming pool with a thermal water park! There are huge slideways, thermal pools, swimming pools and play areas and everything's available for all! The changingroom has a specially interactive playground for kids within walking distance. Essentially it is a geothermal pool of various height water cannon and slide systems. Nearby there is a 5-story tower which has three slides (Cyclone Tornado and Avalánche) that direct into the pool. In front of it stands Mammoth - an 370 metre water slide.

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Which hot springs offer the best meal?

The Springs Resort Hot Springs provide the best excellent meals and the meals are usually served in the Tre Cascadas restaurant. Tabacon Hot Springs offers an excellent food service.

Which hot springs offer a thermal-water river in addition to hot spring pools?

Tabacon Hot Springs : It is a hot spring attraction in Arenal Area with no pump and no water supply. While largely manmade, EcoTermales' Hot Springs offer several sequential pools constructed to mimic hot spring rivers.

La Fortuna hot springs comparison: Which Arenal hot springs are the best?

The only difference between choosing the “best” and choosing “the least” is the amount of bias you have in your mind. We'd rather give you the option to choose a hot spring that doesn't interest you than give you recommendations free hot springs that will suit your own interests, budget. Below you will find out about the best Arenal Hot Spring properties by various reasons.

Arenal Hot Springs for Free

Ironically nearby to Arenal hot springs Rio Chollin or Rio Tabacon - a Natural Hot Springs situated in La Fortune, Costa Rica - is open to all tourists for no extra cost. This is similar to thermal hot spring facilities which can be heated naturally with energy from the Arenal Volcano. Enjoy luxurious chairs, luxurious dining, and top-quality facilities with your day pass to the thermal resort of Las Fortunas. Go west of Tabacon and follow signs in Rio Chollin Park. Park a car, pay a security guard and prepare to soak up mineral-rich hot springs that Costa Rica most resembles.

Which hot springs are the smallest in terms of property size?

Rio Chollin hot springs, or Mini-TABCON, are among the smallest and cheapest hot springs and spring properties in Los Lagos.

Which hot springs are the closest to downtown La Fortuna?

The Termo Arenal hot spring or Termalitas de Arenal hot spring are nearest to La Fortuna's main centre (about 7 minutes drive). EcoTermales Hot Springs, the Baldi Hot Springs, the Titoku Hot Springs, the Kalambu Hot Springs and the Paradise Hot Springs are located around each other and are about 500m up the highway (apart from downtown). The Los Angeles and Los Laurenles hot springs are directly across the road and a further 600 metres down the same road.

Which hot springs offer the greatest pool variety?

Spring Hotel Hot Springs. This property contains pool called Cascada Calientes (that are near the main hotel), hot spring known as the Los Perdidos Hot Springs (which are located a short walk from the hotel's main building), and additional hot springs located nearby.


Which hot springs are best suited for adults and/or children?

Spring Resort Hot Springs, Baldis Hot Springs, Los Laureles Hot Springs, Lagos Heat Springs, Kalamba Hot Springs, Termatas de Arenal Hot Springs and Termo Arenal Hot Springs.

Which hot springs offer the greatest value when comparing cost to experience?

Springs Resort Hot Springs and Los Lagos Hot Springs. Although Springs Resort and Hot Springs pass are among the cheapest and most expensive Hot Springs passes that can be purchased, the resort is packed with water sports and hot springs, and its deluxe setting offers plenty to do for your money. Affordable hot water passes from Los Lagos Hot Springs buy access to Hot Springs and on-site exhibitions that showcase crocodiles, frogs, butterflies, turtles and ants.

Are there hot springs in Arenal National Park?

In Arenal, there are many hot spring sites. These include ECOTIMales Fortuna, Baldy Hot Springs and Los Lagos Hot Springs.

Tips for Visiting Hot Springs in La Fortuna

Visiting the hot springs in La Fortuna can be an unforgettable experience. However, to make the most out of your trip, there are certain things you should keep in mind.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit La Fortuna hot springs largely depends on your personal preferences. The dry season, from mid-December to April, offers warm temperatures and clear skies, perfect for those who prefer to bathe under the sun. The wet season, from May to November, is characterized by afternoon showers, which can create a unique and romantic atmosphere in the hot springs. Keep in mind that weekends and public holidays can be busier, so plan accordingly if you prefer a quieter experience.

What to Pack

When packing for your trip to the hot springs in La Fortuna, don't forget to bring a swimsuit, towel, and a change of clothes. Waterproof sandals can be useful for walking around the hot springs area. Also, consider packing a waterproof bag or case for your phone or camera if you plan on taking pictures. Sunscreen and bug spray are also recommended, especially if you're visiting during the dry season.

Health and Safety Tips

Safety should be your top priority when visiting the hot springs. Make sure to stay hydrated, especially when soaking in the hot water for extended periods. It's also advisable to avoid consuming alcohol before bathing in the hot springs, as it can lead to dehydration and overheating.

Remember, the water in the hot springs can be quite hot, so it's best to test the water with your hand before getting in. If you have any health concerns, such as heart conditions or skin problems, it's advisable to consult your doctor before visiting the hot springs.

Lastly, always follow the instructions and guidelines provided by the hot springs management to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Exploring Beyond La Fortuna

La Fortuna and its surrounding areas offer a wealth of natural and cultural attractions that should not be missed. While the hot springs are undoubtedly the star of the show, there's so much more to explore. In this section, we'll cover some other notable natural wonders near La Fortuna, as well as worthwhile day trips to consider.

Other Natural Wonders Near La Fortuna

La Fortuna is nestled in a landscape of breathtaking beauty that offers countless opportunities for exploration and adventure. One of the most prominent natural wonders is the Arenal Volcano, an active stratovolcano that towers over the surrounding rainforest. Its national park offers various hiking trails, allowing you to observe the volcano up close.

Another must-visit is the La Fortuna Waterfall, a stunning 230-foot cascade that drops into a bright blue pool, perfect for a refreshing dip. Close by, you'll find the Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park, a system of trails and bridges that offers a unique perspective on the rainforest canopy and the abundant wildlife that inhabits it.

Day Trips from La Fortuna

The strategic location of La Fortuna makes it an excellent base for exploring the wider region. One popular day trip destination is the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, about a 3-hour drive from La Fortuna. This reserve is home to an incredible array of biodiversity, including over 400 species of birds and a vast array of orchids.

Another worthwhile trip is to the Rio Celeste, known for its distinctive turquoise waters, a phenomenon caused by a chemical reaction between minerals from the volcano. The river, located in the Tenorio Volcano National Park, is about a 2-hour drive from La Fortuna.

Lastly, consider a visit to the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, especially if you're a wildlife enthusiast. This wetland area, accessible via guided boat tours, is home to an impressive array of animals, including caimans, monkeys, iguanas, and a variety of bird species.

By exploring beyond La Fortuna, you'll get a deeper understanding of Costa Rica's rich natural and cultural diversity.

Staying Overnight: The Best Resorts with Hot Springs in La Fortuna

La Fortuna is not just about day trips to the hot springs, but also about immersive experiences that allow you to fully enjoy these natural wonders. One of the best ways to do this is by staying overnight at one of the many resorts that boast their own hot springs. In this section, we'll guide you through choosing the right resort for your needs and provide a curated list of the top-rated resorts with hot springs in La Fortuna.

hotsprings night

Choosing the Right Resort for Your Needs

When choosing a resort in La Fortuna, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, it's important to determine your budget. Resorts in La Fortuna range from budget-friendly options to luxury resorts with all-inclusive packages.

Next, consider the kind of experience you want. If you're looking for peace and seclusion, a smaller resort tucked away in the forest might be ideal. On the other hand, if you're after a more social experience, you might prefer a larger resort with more facilities and opportunities for interaction with other hotel guests.

Also, consider the additional amenities the resort offers. Many resorts in La Fortuna offer more than just hot springs. These can include spas, fitness centers, guided tours, yoga classes, and gourmet dining options.

Finally, consider the location. Some resorts are located right in the heart of La Fortuna, while others are a short drive away. Proximity to other attractions you wish to visit could also influence your choice.

Top Rated Resorts with Hot Springs

La Fortuna boasts an array of fantastic resorts that feature their own luxurious hot springs each, providing guests with a unique and luxurious experience.

  1. Tabacon Thermal Resort & Spa: This five-star resort is home to one of the most famous hot springs in Costa Rica. The hot springs are naturally heated by the Arenal Volcano and flow through the resort, creating a stunning tropical landscape.

  2. The Springs Resort & Spa: Renowned for its panoramic views of the Arenal Volcano, this luxury resort boasts 28 hot mineral spring pools, a world-class spa, and a variety of adventure tours.

  3. Arenal Kioro Suites & Spa: Offering splendid views of the volcano and the valley, this resort features seven hot springs, two restaurants, and a luxury spa.

  4. Nayara Springs: An adults-only luxury resort that offers a truly exclusive experience. Each villa comes with its own private garden and thermal plunge pool, fed by natural hot springs.

  5. Baldi Hot Springs Hotel & Spa: This hotel offers an impressive 25 thermal water pools surrounded by lush gardens and caves, making it a fun and relaxing option for families.

By staying at these resorts, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the hot springs right at your doorstep, along with a host of other luxury amenities to make your stay in La Fortuna a memorable one.

Sustainable Tourism: Respecting Nature while Enjoying the Hot Springs

Costa Rica is well-known for its commitment to sustainability and eco-tourism. This ethos extends to La Fortuna and its hot springs, where preservation of the unique ecosystem is of paramount importance. In this section, we'll discuss the importance of sustainable tourism in La Fortuna, and provide practical advice on how you can respect nature while still enjoying your trip to the fullest.

Eco-friendly Practices for Visitors

The hot springs of La Fortuna are a precious natural resource, and it's vital that visitors do their part to help preserve them. Here are some eco-friendly practices to keep in mind during your visit:

  1. Avoid Using Chemicals: If you're planning on visiting the hot springs, try to avoid using products like sunscreen, bug spray, and other lotions beforehand. These can contaminate the water and harm the local flora and fauna.

  2. Respect Wildlife: The area around La Fortuna is rich with wildlife. Always observe from a safe distance, avoid feeding animals, and never disturb nests or dens.

  3. Stick to Marked Paths: When exploring the area, always stay on marked paths to avoid damaging the natural environment. This also helps to protect you from potential hazards.

  4. Carry In, Carry Out: Always take your trash with you and dispose of it properly. Even biodegradable items can take a long time to break down and may negatively impact wildlife.

  5. Conserve Water and Energy: Costa Rica has a high reliance on hydroelectric power, so conserving water and energy is especially important. Turn off lights and unplug electronics when you're not using them, and try to limit your water usage.

Supporting Local Businesses in La Fortuna

In addition to environmental sustainability, economic sustainability is also crucial in La Fortuna. This means supporting local businesses and participating in tourism that benefits the local community.

  1. Buy Local: Whenever possible, buy from local vendors. This could mean shopping at local markets, eating at local restaurants, or buying crafts from local artisans.

  2. Choose Local Guides: If you're taking a guided tour, opt for local guides. They have a wealth of knowledge about the area and often provide more authentic experiences.

  3. Respect Local Traditions and Cultures: Costa Rican culture is rich and vibrant. Show respect by learning a few words of Spanish, understanding local customs, and showing appreciation for the unique aspects of the culture.

  4. Support Local Conservation Efforts: Many local organizations are involved in conservation efforts. Look for opportunities to support these, whether it's by volunteering, donating, or participating in an eco-tour.

By practicing sustainable tourism, you can help to ensure that the beauty of La Fortuna and its hot springs can be enjoyed by generations to come.

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Conclusion: Making the Most of Your Hot Springs Experience in La Fortuna

Visiting the hot springs in La Fortuna is more than just a tourist activity; it's an immersive experience that lets you witness the sheer power and beauty of nature. However, ensuring you make the most of your experience budget friendly hot springs goes beyond simply enjoying the thermal baths. It's about understanding the delicate balance of the ecosystem, supporting the local community, and respecting the unique natural and cultural heritage of the region.

Firstly, be prepared. The hot springs vary in temperature and setting, so make sure to research ahead of time which ones align with your preferences and comfort level. Remember to bring appropriate clothing, including a bathing suit and water shoes, and essential items like a water bottle and a waterproof bag for your belongings.

Secondly, take the opportunity to explore beyond the hot springs. The area around La Fortuna is teeming with natural wonders, from the Arenal Volcano to the diverse wildlife. Consider taking a guided tour to gain more insight into the local flora and fauna, and take a day trip to explore the surrounding areas.

Choosing the right accommodation can also significantly enhance your experience. Resorts with their own hot springs provide convenience and often additional amenities, such as spa services and fine dining. Check reviews and consider your personal preferences, budget, and needs when selecting your resort.

Importantly, be a responsible visitor. Embrace sustainable tourism practices to minimize your environmental impact and support the local economy. This includes respecting wildlife, sticking to marked paths, avoiding the use of chemicals in the springs, conserving water and energy, supporting local businesses, and respecting local customs and traditions.

Lastly, take your time to truly soak in the experience on site hot springs. The hot springs of La Fortuna are not just about relaxation; they're about connecting with nature, experiencing a different culture, and appreciating the incredible natural phenomena that Costa Rica has to offer.

By keeping these considerations in mind, your hot springs experience in La Fortuna will not just be a highlight of your Costa Rica trip, but a memory to cherish for a lifetime.

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